About Us


CAPITAL stands for Clients And Professionals In Training and Learning. The CAPITAL Project Trust exists to improve the lives of people experiencing mental and emotional distress. We achieve this by:

  • Working with mental health service users and other partners to develop high quality services that are valued by all.
  • Working with mental health service users to help them manage their lives.
  • Working to ensure the development of an excellent comprehensive modern mental health service.
  • Working within the wider community to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote social inclusion.
  • Working to provide training and peer support for mental health service users.


The CAPITAL Project Trust offers people who use, or have used, mental health services in West Sussex free access to:

  • Peer led training to improve understanding of mental health issues and how services work, as well as building confidence and assertiveness skills, including training for trainers and meeting skills.
  • Monthly meeting in three localities across West Sussex (Adur, Arun and Worthing, Northern and Western).
  • Quarterly members’ meetings in Billingshurst.
  • A wide range of volunteering opportunities.
  • Group advocacy and mutual peer support.

We always repay travel costs to meetings or arrange transport if necessary. There are also occasional social events and a weekly drop-in at our offices in Bognor Regis.